Easy Ways to Setup an Inflatable Spa

When you first purchase your portable mobile inflatable spa, it can be a bit confusing as to how to set it up. There are numbers of factors to help you set it up and running in no time.

inflatable spa

Setting up an inflatable spa can be a quick, easy, and effortless job to do if necessary, precautions are not properly put in place. In reality, the most complicated part of setting up the best inflatable spa is mostly when filling up the spa.

To start the setup of an inflatable spa, the first thing to think about is where to erect the spa, how you are going to get it set up, how to fill it with water, how to get the chemicals needed right, and lastly hot to operate and use the inflatable spa. 

In this article, you will learn the various ways to easily set up an inflatable spa, anywhere around your home or when you are out of town for a vacation with friends and family. 

How to Easily Setup an inflatable Spa

Follow Instructions

Absolutely, the very first thing to do, even before considering the location of the house to set up your newly purchased inflatable spa is to read and follow the instructions of the producers’ manual.

Yes, reading instructions can be tiring. However, it is best you read and follow maximum instructions on the producers’ guide on how to get started. This will help save you time, energy, and frustration resulting from the hindrances you might face when setting up an inflatable spa as a beginner.

Additionally, when setting up an inflatable spa, be sure that all the tools needed to get it pumped up, and all the parts to complete the setting up of the newly purchased inflatable spa are made available. 

Check every corner of the box carefully before getting started—you do not want to start and realize when you are halfway towards getting finished that some tools and parts of the spa are missing—that’s not right!

Carefully Select Location

The next thing to think about when you purchase your inflatable spa is where you are going to set it up, this will determine the usage and how much you get to enjoy the sweet massage feeling that your portable spa gives.

Before determining the location to set up your inflatable spa, firstly, you need an even nice flat surface. Understand that the inflatable spa can take about tons of total weight due to the pressure of water inside of it—it needs to be firm and well setup. 

For beginners, be sure that the inflatable spa is close to an electric socket. We are strongly against the usage of an extension cord—even when the use of one will allow you to enjoy the perfect spot in your backyard.

Furthermore, be careful when setting up your inflatable spa, and make certain that the surface you are erecting the spa on is smooth and sharp items free. Although in this recent time, the exterior of inflatable spas is now very strong, there is still a possibility of getting punctured.

Inflate the Inflatable Spa

As soon as you got the perfect location to set up your inflatable spa, the filling of the inflatable spa can commence. To start with, position the spa in place preferably in your backyard, and connect the pump to the pipe that comes with the inflatable spa—connect the pump to the small pipe. 

Do not worry about overfilling your inflatable spa, there is a small hole on the pipe that reduces the filling action and stops you from overfilling it. All it takes is 5minutes to fill the inflatable spa and get it as firm as it should, then you can disconnect the pipe from it.

Also, make sure to fill the cover the same way you fill the main inflatable spa. However, when you overfill your inflatable spa, you are putting too much pressure on the seams—this can result in leakage and even tear out the inflatable spa.

Fill Your inflatable Spa with Water

After filling the spa and the cover, the next thing to get done is fill your inflatable spa with water, by connecting your pump to the spa and the water filter inside the inflatable spa.

Once, you have the pump and the filter nicely fastened inside the inflatable spa, you can start filling the spa with water. When filling the inflatable spa, the very careful and be sure that you do not over-fill the spa—inside the spa, you will find lines that show the lowest and the highest level of water to be filled inside the inflatable spa.

The lines indicate control when you want to make use of the spa, this is to check the water rise when users get inside the spa. Also, to check if water does not increase beyond the maximum level to allow for the water bubble when the massage system is turned on.

Finally, we suggest that when you are using your inflatable spa for the first time, fill the spa with water from the lowest level. This will help to operate the spa better by getting used to how water increases when users decide to use it—also when the massage system is turned on.

Check and Add Chemicals

Once the water has gotten to the right level, the last thing to do is add the chemicals that go will go into the spa water. 

However, it is preferred that you check, and make sure that the temperature of the water is no less than 20 degrees Celsius. To be sure, at first, you can fill the spa with cold water, and fill the other half with hot water. Once you get the water ready, you can start by adding chemicals (chlorine or bromine are mostly used).

In conclusion, if you are new to the usage of inflatable spas, we are sure that the few steps in this article will assist you on how best to set up an inflatable spa in a simple, easy, and effortless way. If you have purchased your portable inflatable spa, now is the time to invite friends and family over to enjoy the massage experience of multiple jets gently working the stress out of your muscles.