Best Guide on How to Solve Inflatable Spas Common Issues

Your inflatable spa can act funny at any time. And, what makes it scarier is that it does not give notice. So, it may happen that one evening that you are ready to have a warm spa bath with high expectations, your inflatable spa decides to put you off. It happens. 

Best Guide on How to Solve Inflatable Spas Common Issues

You might open your spa cover, after a while, you have turned on your bath only to find out that the water is cold. In another case, the water may be warm, but the jets refuse to work. It could also be that your pumps become faulty and start to disturb your ears with an ear-splitting screech.

Whatever the problem might be, it can make the night boring. Let’s face it. It is frustrating to stand by an inflatable spa with a tensed body, looking at something that can cool you off and unable to bathe. But, instead of losing mind and becoming unstable throughout the night, it is better to fix the problems. 

Meanwhile, many inflatable spa owners believe that running to an expert repairer would be their best bet. Of course, that is not a bad idea. But, sometimes, you can fix the problem on your own. You only need a professional to put you through. 

Are you afraid you might tamper with other things while you are trying to fix your spa? Don’t panic. Indeed, most of the inflatable spa issues do not require the service of a repairman. They have simple solutions you can provide on your own. Even some honest repairmen will tell you the same after they have inspected the spa.  

Now, let’s go through some common inflatable spa issues and some Do-It-Yourself solutions. Visit to know more about inflatable spa

1. Your inflatable spa is not heating up

One of the problems you can encounter when you are about to have a soak in your spa is discovering it is not heating up. Nothing can be more frustrating than wanting to have a steamy bath only to jump into cold water. It can make you lose your mind. 

In reality, your inflatable spa is useless if you can have a warm spa bath. I mean, you could have gone straight to use the shower in your bathroom if what you want is a cold water bath.   

So how do you solve the problem?

The first step to take in this situation is to check out for the possible cause. In some cases, the water does remain cold – not getting war at all. And in another instance, the water might get warm but cool down later. These two scenarios require different solutions. Hence, you need to figure out the actual problem to provide the right solution.

You can use your millimeter to test all the electrical components to identify the real culprit quickly. If you can’t find the problem, you can use the approach below.

First off, check the water level. Then, look for clogs in the circulation system; after this, you can either wash or change your filter completely. While these may appear to be a routine solution, they can also be the quickest, easiest, and less expensive, so always try them first.

Next, switch your heater breaker off and on, or just hit your heater’s reset button. If the high limit switch shuts your heater out because your water got too hot or you have air trapped in your lines, resetting the heater will get it going again.

If you’ve just refilled your inflatable spa, you may have an airlock, which is when air gets trapped in your plumbing lines and impedes the flow of water, which will keep it from heating up. Luckily, fixing an airlock is a reasonably easy task.

2. Your Jets are not working

One of the things that make an inflatable spa bath worthwhile is using the jets. So, if your jets are not coming up, that could be an issue. But then, don’t panic. Let me share with you the easiest and less expensive way out.

First, turn each of the jets to make sure they are all wide open. Also, check for debris such as calcium buildup, and try to clear them if necessary. You can also top off the water, clean your filter and check for plumbing line clogs.

3. Your inflatable spa pump is noisy

At some point, you can notice that your inflatable spa is making different sounds. When it starts to sound like some bear cubs are wrestling inside your inflatable spa cabinet, it’s a sign that your pump is struggling for water. So, what should you do? Clear every clog from the circulation system. Topping off the water is also necessary, and make sure every valve near the pump is open.

If the inflatable spa pump is squealing, you may ignore it and continue using the pump safely. However, the problem is that the noise will drastically get worse. 

First off, try lubricating the bearings, but eventually, you will replace the circulation pump. Or, better still, start using the inflatable spa with earplugs.

4. Your GCFI Breaker is tripping 

Suppose your inflatable spa is tripping the breaker. In that case, you could spend quite a lot of time on inflatable spa troubleshooting and less time soaking. A breaker trip is typical and usually easy to fix. Still, any troubleshooting and repairs require you to work with electricity. If you are working on it yourself, remember to turn off the breaker before you begin, and be sure you’re not touching anything wet. 

5. Your inflatable spa has a weak or low water flow

This problem can be a result of several other issues. Let’s take them one after the other.

Dirty or damaged Filter

A dirty or worn-out filter can prevent your water from flowing the right way. Check the inflatable spa filter for damage. If you notice nothing strange, give it a thorough cleaning. If it starts to indicate some signs of wear and tear, you may consider replacing it entirely.

Low water level 

Your water cannot flow if it is too low. In this case, ensure that you check the water level to confirm it is at the appropriate place. If not, you can add some water and run a test to see if the flow returns to normal.

Malfunctioning pump

Use a multimeter or any similar device to check whether your spa’s pump is receiving adequate power. If it is, but the pump still won’t work, it probably needs to be repaired or replaced. If it isn’t, you might have a bigger electrical problem on your hands.

Best Guide on How to Solve Inflatable Spas Common Issues

Final Words

How long you have used your inflatable and wear and tear will eventually take a toll on your inflatable spa and its parts. You’ll need to replace parts through no fault of your own occasionally. But you can avoid some common problems by taking proper care of your spa.